Monday, January 18, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Stand up for myself

...but I respect the past.

The truth is people who have the most to say, often don't even know half of the story. I would like to say that karma is a bitch but then I realized that these people are also the ones that never mattered or genuinely cared. What matters is that they stay out of my life, as always.

Well I never thought I'll be able to recover from whatever happened on 10 July 2013 but I apparently did because I know my worth. I became stronger and understood the importance of self-love. I've learnt so much and changed for the better in the process just so I won't ever have to be in the same situation again. It was simply too painful for me to put things into words and for the fact that I respect the past, I hope people would do the same too.

I used to be someone who would document every single happening in her life online just solely for the purpose of sharing my joy and sadness with people who are interested but it gradually became a facade of beautiful fairy tales where no one really knows what went on behind closed doors. You may appear to be smiling in a picture with the caption talking about how lucky you are but that's not always the case. Many times on social media, we have the tendency to beautify and glamorize everything as how we see others do it or how the social norms seem to be, it's as though everything that has been uploaded were meticulously planned for. But are we really what we said we are? Are we really as happy as seen on those pictures or is everything just a show to make us feel better? No one but ourselves know best.

After months of not baring my soul and trying to live up to certain expectations online, I've got to properly enjoy every significant moments thoroughly in the real world. And it's a really nice feeling.

Here I rest my case.

P/s: Will be updating occasionally on Dayre instead from now on if you're interested. See you :)

Friday, July 10, 2015

10 July

Two years ago today, I stumbled upon the truth that I'd rather not know and ended things.
Today, I discovered things I should never have, two years after that heart-rending day.

There are times when we feel rather sad and down but yet we really have no idea why we are sad, so we say that we are not sad when we really are.

Maybe this is just one of those times. It will pass, certainly.